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Thrive is About Making a Difference

Impact Sourcing is the Key

Impact Sourcing creates high quality job opportunities for an untapped talent pool in low-employment areas transforming lives and making businesses more efficient.

Impact Sourcing is a win-win. Clients gain efficiency and communities thrive.

Shortage of Trained IT Professionals

Cities around the US have a shortage of IT professionals with 3,000 unfilled IT jobs in the Greater Cincinnati region right now, and that number could balloon to 10,000 as soon as 2020.

Meanwhile, Cincinnati offers an untapped talent pool in communities suffering from a history of generational poverty with over 70,000 people living in poverty today.

Off-Shore IT Services Deliver Challenges

The $500 billion outsourcing market was created to alleviate the IT shortage domestically, offer cost savings and improve competitiveness using off-shore BPO providers. However, US Corporations have recognized outsourcing oversees comes with significant challenges and often times does not offer the savings and efficiency expected.

Alarming Urban Poverty Rate

Approximately one in four Cincinnatians falls below the poverty line, and our city’s poverty rate is almost twice the national average.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics defines the working poor as individuals who spent at least 27 weeks of the year in the labor force, but whose incomes still fell below the official poverty level. These families face an overwhelming number of barriers to advancement, including frequent unemployment, little or no post-secondary education, unstable housing and transportation.

Thrive Impact Sourcing partners with non-profit organizations, Per Scholas and the CityLink Center, to remove these barriers and move families towards a life of freedom and prosperity.