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Kelly D.

Co Founder

Kelly began her career in the consulting industry 20 years ago after graduating from Miami University with a Bachelor degree in Organizational Communications.  Kelly relocated to Cincinnati to open a new Software Architect’s consulting practice with her primary role being business development.  This experience played an instrumental role in shaping how she viewed community within an organization where talented people can grow.

In 2011, Kelly and  her business partner Michael, were inspired to launch Ingage Partners to provide an opportunity for themselves, and eventually many others, to blend a successful career with a greater purpose of building into the community.  The experience of launching Ingage and having an opportunity to work with a team of passionate and creative people has fulfilled a life-long dream of building something that will have a lasting impact.

Launching Thrive Impact Sourcing is another journey rooted in deep faith. It is an experience of a life time to be in a position to expand our impact on the community.